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Kettler Coach Rowing Machine: The Rowing Machine With A Difference

Rowing machines are available in plenty in the market. There are several top of the line manufacturers that offer these rowing machines to the users. Amidst several rowing machines it is the Kettler Coach Rowing Machine that is one of the most comprehensive machines that the exerciser can buy.

The best part about this rowing machine is that it offers the ultimate combination of aerobic and muscle-building resistance exercises. This rowing machine works on the concept of offering smooth silent aerobic exercise along with 16 different muscle-building resistance exercises. You can initially start with traditional rowing motion to build your cardiovascular fitness and then move on to more muscle-specific training programs.

Unlike other rowing machines that offer air resistance, the Kettler coach offers magnetic resistance. This rowing machine offers as smoother rower stroke. It also enables you to monitor the heart rate with a standard monitor.

Kettler coach rowing machines are great for all serious exercisers and athletes. This rowing machine helps you monitor your performance. It features a fitness test that evaluates the recovery patterns of your heart rate. Based on this evaluation, the machine rates your performance on a scale of one to six. So if you are undertaking some serious training, this tool can help you a great deal.

But it is not the compact nature of this machine or the additional features included that makes it a sure shot hit. What give the Kettler coach rower an edge over others is the additional 16 exercises that can be performed on the machine. The machine also includes an additional padded board. You could easily recline on this padded board and do triceps, abdominal and other focused muscle-building exercises.

Measuring 19 x 12 inches, the padded board helps you do a wide array of exercises. The board supports the back and the head rests on the seat surface. If you are standing you can easily isolate your back and shoulder muscles. However if you are in a seated position you can do exercises to build your bicep strength. Further on the machine features ten resistance settings that help you come up with an exercise program that best meets your needs.

Another notable feature of this rowing machine is it's anti-slip floor protectors. These anti-slip floor protectors not only keep the machine in place but also prevent it from scratching the tiles or the wooden floors. While performing standing exercises, the no slip surface helps a great deal. You can find more at:

The Kettler coach rowing machine has so much to offer. With all that the machine offers to the exerciser and its unique features, it truly can be tagged as the rowing machine with a difference.